The property market can offer numerous lucrative investment opportunities with potential for capital growth. At Property Select Advisory we assist our clients through active research and help them find and secure property investment prospects that align with their investment goals and financial position.

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Tailored Property Research Assistance

Property Investment Advise – House & Land


Property investment is a viable investment option and can potentially be a way to multiply your wealth. The property market is subject to fluctuations but with the right assistance, you can identify possible capital growth areas and discover property investment avenues for profitable returns. If you are looking for a team that can help you with property research, allow you to optimise your existing funds and offer tailored property advice, our property investment consultants are at your service. Whether you are a seasoned investor looking to grow your property investment portfolio or a first-time property investor looking for ways to build your wealth, we are here to guide you through.

With us, leverage the dynamic Australian property market and take your first step towards a more peaceful life. We have over 25 years of experience assisting clients from Australia and abroad in their property investment journey. We have overseen a portfolio of more than $1 billion in assets and our considerable experience allows us to mitigate risks and forecast tailored returns for our clients.

Our return buyers are a huge part of our clientele and their continuous engagement with us exhibits their trust in our expertise and assistance.

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What We Do


Property Research

You will come to us with a clear purpose and we will utilise our research methodologies to offer bespoke investment advice and solutions. We will conduct in-depth market research, leverage our pool of partners and bring to you feasible property investment opportunities within your financial bracket.


Holistic Property Investment Solutions

Irrespective of the nature of your available funds, be it Real Estate Investment Trusts, personal savings or Superannuation Funds, our property advisors will help you find suitable investment options that will fit right into your overall investment strategy.


Property Investment Advice

We will be your helping hand and guide you through your entire property investment journey. We will assess your monetary position and priorities and determine whether you should invest in commercial properties or residential spaces, including NDIS, Co Living, Medium Density/Townhouses, Traditional houses, Land, etc.



A key part of your property ownership journey is connecting with the right lenders and financing your property purchase. As there are several bank and non-bank lenders out there, finding a solution that aligns with your needs can be a bit challenging. That’s where we come into the picture.


First Home Owner Grant

Buying your first home can be both financially burdening and rewarding. It becomes a great investment opportunity but, at the same time, could drain your financial resources. But what if we tell you that some schemes and grants across Australia aim to lessen this burden and financially support you in your home ownership journey?

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Build Your Property Portfolio

Tailored Property Investment Assistance

As a trusted team of property investment strategists, we will offer sound and tailored property advice and help you make property investments that will open the possibility of earning long-term steady incomes in terms of rental returns.

Here’s how our process works –

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When you reach out to us, we will take time to understand your current financial status, future expectations, and property investment goals.

Building a list of potential real estate properties

Once we have a good understanding of your situation, we can leverage off our network and build a list of potential real estate products.

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We will make use of our developer relationships to first discover rewarding land/property opportunities and then negotiate desirable terms and prices for our clients.

So, connect with us and have our experts on your side from the start to the end of your property investment journey.

Climb the Property Ladder

Property Investment Strategies For Every Type of Investor


First-time Investors

Let our experts lead your way into the property investment market.

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Seasoned Investors

Pair your experience with our expertise and boost your investment portfolio.

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Passive/Active Investors

Find and explore solid investment strategies tailored to your needs.

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International investors

With us, navigate the Australian property market and make long-term investments.

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Whichever category you belong to, our property investment consultants can help you find the desired investment options. With our assistance, you can utilise your savings and develop your market portfolio. So, connect with us for a private consultation.

Harvest Road Wollert Project images

Harvest Road Wollert


The Village Wollert

Property Size

4,600 sqm / 16 Shops

Property Location

335 Harvest Home Road, Wollert




Hungry Jacks, Aspire Early Learning, Kingswim

Atherstone Village, Cobblebank Project images

Atherstone Village, Cobblebank



Property Size

2,396 sqm / 14 Shops

Property Location

Lot 9001 Atherstone Bridge Road, Cobblebank




Supermarket, gym, Medical Centre – not yet known

Grices Road, Clyde Project images

Grices Road, Clyde

Property Size

2,663 sqms


Berwick Square



Property Locations

121S Grices Road, Clyde

Alira Town Centre Berwick Project images

Alira Town Centre Berwick


Alira Town Centre

Property Size

4,825 sqm / 16 Shops

Property Location

322-340 Centre Road, Berwick




Supermarket & Childcare – not yet known


Assistance at Your Fingertips

To start your property investment journey with us, there are a few simple steps involved –

  • Get in touch with our property investment team
  • Share your expectations and financial situation with us.
  • We will offer tailored assistance and help you discover real estate products that align with your current situation and future goals.
  • Make your choice and let us negotiate to find you the best solution.

At Property Select Advisory, we are a team of property investment consultants committed to helping our clients make the best possible property investment. With proven industry expertise and a client-centric approach, you can always expect us to offer tailored investment solutions. Our team stays abreast of market trends, economic indicators, and regulatory developments and will help you mitigate risks.

Yes. You can enter the property market at your will, but navigating all the complexities and making investment decisions regarding where to invest can be challenging and overwhelming. So, if you are a first-time investor with little to no knowledge of the property market, we can guide you through and help you secure a seamless experience.

The best investment opportunity will vary depending on your financial situation and priorities. So, to help you find the best option, our property investment consultants will discuss with you and understand your requirements and expectations. Based on the information collected, we will shortlist the best available investment opportunities and help you make the right choice.

Expert Property Planning

Why Engage with Us?

If you are ready to make your big property investment and are looking for valuable property investment advice, connect with us at Property Select Advisory today.

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Extensive Partner Network

We leverage our partner network of builders, developers, financial advisors and property managers to bring to you leading property investment opportunities at the best possible rates.

Client Centric Approach icon

Client Centric Approach

We always have your best interests in mind and operate to help you invest to the best of your potential. We will offer solutions that align with your goals.

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Solid Industry Experience

We have over 25 years of experience in real estate and this allows us to conduct a thorough research and identify and deliver bespoke property investment solutions for our clients.

A Range of Products Icon

A Range of Products

Our wide range of property products caters to all budgets and preferences. From traditional house and land, NDIS certified homes to Co-living homes, medium density/townhouses, and much more, find your choice of investment property.

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Driving Excellence with Strategic Partnerships

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